1 - Soften You Into a State of Ease   

2 - Connect You to Your Intuition

3 - Unleash Your Creative Potential

4- Cultivate Peace, Wellbeing, and Joy


A four week course designed to evoke ease, intuition, and wellbeing


By combining methods of meditation, visualization, yoga postures, and breath work, this course provides tangible tools to increase stress resiliency and cultivate intuition.  The curriculum educates and empowers participants by offering the science behind how our perspective influences our reality, as well as provides take home tools that build connection between the mind, the body, and life.

The active learning environment combines classroom style presentations/discussions with experiential exercises to create an integrative learning experience for everyone.

Drawing from research in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics, participants learn how to rewire habitual thought patterns that keep them stuck in self-destructive beliefs, thoughts, and routines in order to cultivate wellbeing, peace, and ease as regular states of being.

Join a cohort of colleagues and cast a spell on your life in such a way that growth occurs organically. When you learn how to harness the power of your mind, what looks like magic to other people will be the life that you live. 

This course is offered every Thursday for 4 consecutive weeks. 



January 10th, 5-8pm
January 17th, 5-8pm
January 24th, 5-8pm
January 31st, 5-8pm


Please note, it is important to the process (both  the individual and group), that participants are physically present for each date.  


This experience is like no other - a beautiful blend of lecture and experiential learning. You will walk away having created a toolkit you can easily access daily in order to consciously live the life of your choosing - by blending the beauty of your head, your heart and your body. This is without question a must take course!~Britanee, Personal Brand Coach + Business Strategist

“This course delivers on its claims and offers a rich and inviting learning environment. I am equipped with powerful knowledge, tools, and strategies for creating a sense of ease in my life by reducing stress and promoting heart coherence.” ~Leah, Private Chef

“Amanda is an extremely well-rounded individual with a background in yoga instruction, a degree in neuroscience, and even founded her own non-profit. She has achieved a balance of her interests with Science and Magic, in which she leads others into their own power through a mix of classroom lecture & guided meditations. I am excited to see the lives she touches and empowers with this course.” ~Nick Jordan, Artist.

“Science and Magic was a very fun class to take! Amanda skillfully presented scientific material in a way that allows us to put it into daily practice to improve our overall well being. It was a very fun and informative experience!” ~Celine, Financial Services