Science & Magic Membership



VIRTUAL Membership:

For $11/month (less than $4 a class!), virtual members get access to:

  • the online portal with recorded classes, resources, and reflection (updated 3x a month).

PRIVATE PLUS Membership:

For $111/month, members get access to:

  • One private 60 min yoga session with Amanda every month (virtual or in-person, client’s choice!) 

  • The online portal with recorded classes and reflection (updated weekly)

  • One 20-30 min consultation with Space Stylist, Annie Hejny, to establish sacred space in your home for your yoga practice


Each class, themed according to Science & Magic curriculum, is a mesh of restorative yin, gentle flow, meditation, and long savasanas. The pace is generally slow, and there is something to learn for all levels. Each class offers the opportunity to deepen your connection with your breath, body, and nervous system. If you are brand new to yoga and want some guidance for your first few classes, feel free to book a private session with me (virtually or in person) to get you started!

A reflection question and outside science-based resource (article, video, etc) will be included 3x a month for members to integrate new learning and self reflection into their yoga practice. Moon cycles, seasons, and earth-based holidays will be honored in the sequencing of each class.

Literally, members get to dive into a mix of science AND magic.


How this membership offers a different experience:

  • The integration of science-based learning with yoga and meditation  

  • The opportunity to honor moon cycles, seasons, and earth-based holidays through a physical yoga practice

  • Three different styles of yoga (Yin, Gentle Flow, Yoga Nidra with Meg Elaine)

  • Energy Medicine Exercises offered by Energy Medicine Practitioner Angie Pietz Meillier

  • A monthly meditation recording that is relevant to the current Science & Magic theme

  • Access to a brilliant online community that is interested in science, magic, and yoga/mindfulness

  • An opportunity to weave a set sequence into your daily routine on a weekly basis

  • Extra long, delicious savasannas

  • The option to include private yoga sessions into your experience

How often is the portal updated?

At the beginning of every month, a new meditation and short intro recording will be uploaded into the portal to introduce the Science & Magic theme of the month. In addition, the portal is updated weekly during the first the 3 weeks of every month with a new yoga class, reflection question, and resource.  The last week is 'catch up' week!  It is an opportunity for you to take a class you missed, re-take a class you enjoyed, or take a break and REST (who doesn't love that?!)

This subscription is intended to provide more of a 'live' experience (as if you were taking weekly classes at a studio) rather than a database system that provides hundreds of different permanently recorded classes to choose from.  Hence, the content will always be fresh.  Classes, reflections, and resources will be added sequentially each week throughout the first 3 weeks of the entire month. Then, the portal will be swept clean on the 1st of every month to make room for the next month's content (you'll have a maximum of 3 videos at most at a time in the portal).  You are welcome to use the classes, meditations, resources, and reflection questions that are in the portal at your own pace and as many times as you would like throughout each month.  

Please note, not all classes will be lead by Amanda. As the program grows, new instructors will be added to the team who also have a deep understanding of the Science & Magic curriculum!

Cancellation Policy:

Members can cancel subscription at any time and for any reason.  Payment for subscription up to the request for cancellation is fully earned and non-refundable.

Are you new to yoga and need some additional guidance to get you started? Do you have specific questions about the nervous system? Need help with a posture? Schedule a private session with me, virtually or in person! I’m here to help.