Science & Magic Subscription

Want to engage in the content but not ready to commit to a full 60-day course?  The Science & Magic subscription is for you! 

Option 1 (VIRTUAL): for $17/month (less than $5 a class!), subscribers get access to a private live stream of a weekly Tuesday evening (7:30-8:45pm) ‘Science & Magic’ yoga class + access to the online portal with recorded class + reflection (updated weekly).    

Option 2 (IN PERSON): For $47/month (less than $12 a class!), subscribers get access to a weekly Tuesday evening (7:30-8:45pm) in person ‘Science & Magic’ yoga class + access to live streaming of each class + access to online portal. BONUS: sign up and get your first month for only $27!



Each class will be a mesh of restorative yin, gentle flow, and time to reflect/meditate/transition after savasana.  Each month will be themed according to Science & Magic content (ie. stress resiliency, heart coherence, subconscious patterning, etc), and all classes will be strategically built around the theme, which will be woven into the sequence and verbally throughout each class.  The themes will be rotated strategically and intuitively throughout the year. 

How this subscription will provide a different experience

  • The integration of science-based learning with yoga and meditation practice 

  • A consistent, intentional community that has a basic understanding of the relationship between energy, science, and yoga/mindfulness

  • An opportunity to weave a set sequence into your daily routine on a weekly basis

  • Time to journal, reflect, transition after class

  • Extra long, delicious savasannas


In person: Tuesdays, 7:30-8:45pm at Mend Therapy

Virtual: Does the day/time not work for you?  No problem, each class will be uploaded into a private online portal that will be available all week for subscribers.  You can practice the sequence & meditation as many times as you want and during whatever time period that works for your schedule!  I will include a weekly reflection question + outside resource (article, video, etc) in the portal for subscribers to integrate into their practice as well. 

** in the event that Amanda is on vacation, she will be find a sub who understands S&M content**

You can cancel your subscription at anytime, just be sure to do it before the next scheduled payment.