Scientific studies indicate that 95 percent of who we are by the time we are in our mid 30s is a series of subconscious patterns that have become automatic (aka, habits).

Habits are a redundant set of thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that you acquire through frequent repetition.  This course will explore the biology behind how we develop our belief patterns, as well as present the different brain waves that are associated with our waking, subconscious, and sleeping states.


Week 1: LEARN (Lesson + Review) - I suggest completing the review immediately after the lesson, as this will help seal the information into your neural pathways. Set aside a 1-2 hour chunk of time to focus on this content.

Week 2: REFLECT - Spend time filling out the Subconscious Patterning Reflection Guide, either sitting down for a chunk of time or breaking it up into several bite sized pieces through the week.

Week 3: APPLY - Start your week by completing the Conscious Creation Activity. If you don’t yet know what you are trying to create, wait to fill it out. Information will come to you throughout your yoga practice. Set aside 3-5x you can practice the yoga class. Write these chunks of time into your schedule and make sure that you show up to your mat! Have a journal next to you to record anything that pops into your mind. This is your sacred time with your body. Complete the Conscious Creation Activity by the end of the week. It would also be a good time to review content from Week 1 by re-watching the Lesson and reading through your notes in the Review Guide. Remember, we learn through repetition!

Week 4: INTEGRATE - Using the symbol you created from the Conscious Creation Activity, do the Conscious Creation meditation 1x a day for an entire week, either before bed or upon waking. If you really want to see change, commit to the meditation for a full month. It takes time to change our neural pathways!!


Use the review guide and suggested reading to help support you in your learning process:

Suggested Reading: Brain Waves & Meditation