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This two month intensive is for those who want to dive more deeply into the scientific content of the course.  Participants should expect at least three hours of weekly commitment outside of the actual scheduled class time to complete the course assignments and review the factual content on their own.  This experience has the academic rigor of a higher education class, complete with in-class review, take-home assignments, self-assessment, and weekly ‘check in’ quizzes.  Participants will be pushed to understand, repeat, and embody the science that they learn.  This course is meant to build new neural networks through repetition, commitment, and accountability!  After the program is finished, participants will be able to recall, repeat, and embody the ‘why’ behind the general concepts.

In addition, participants who sign up for this cohort will be asked to actually implement the learning into their daily life through a commitment of a daily customized personal plan for themselves.  They will be held accountable to the group through weekly reflection and discussion.

By combining methods of meditation, visualization, yoga postures, and breath work, this course provides tangible tools to increase stress resiliency and cultivate intuition.  The curriculum educates and empowers participants by offering the science behind how our perspective influences our reality, as well as provides take home tools that build connection between the mind, the body, and life.


The active learning environment combines classroom style presentations/discussions with experiential exercises to create an integrative learning experience for everyone. Join a cohort of colleagues and cast a spell on your life in such a way that growth occurs organically. When you learn how to harness the power of your mind, what looks like magic to other people will be the life that you live. 

The best part?  Participants are offered a delicious learning environment to soak up all the new information – complete with sound baths, heartfelt discussion, and a customized food menu (designed by Personal Chef, Leah Van Tassel) to nourish and support our brain & body.  It’s like the yummiest college course you’ll ever take.  The only pre-requisites are an open mind, an open heart, and the desire to do the work to evolve into your most authentic self. 


  • 2 month access to the online S&M Course portal, which contains Week 1-4 lectures (20-25 min each), Week 1-4 yoga classes (60-75 min each), 4 toolkits, 4 recorded meditations, and an interactive workbook.

  • 4 (in person) group discussions

  • 4 (in person) group check-ins 

  • 8 (in person) 60 min meditation/yoga classes

  • 2 month access to an online message board, where cohort members can post questions and content related to the weekly content

  • 1 Sound Bath with certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • Customized ‘Brain Food’ Menu offered at 4 discussions - designed by Personal Chef , Leah Van Tassel, and themed to curriculum content

  • After the two month course is finished, this package includes a 1 month Science & Magic Subscription, which offers monthly access weekly, in person yoga/meditation classes with Amanda + access to online Subscription portal (where weekly classes are live streamed & uploaded for at-home practice)


This program is perfect for anyone in the health & wellness field who wants to be able to articulate the power of the nervous system for their clients, integrate it directly into their work, AND embody the knowledge themselves (yoga teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, therapists, etc).  This course also provides powerful information for life/career coaches, consultants, and teachers, as it presents the science behind visualization, goal setting, and affirmations.   

No open enrollment dates currently scheduled.

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