A Six Month Deep Dive (1:1 with Amanda)

Do you ever feel like life is moving at a million miles per hour? When is the last time you truly felt rested? Most importantly, how long has it been since you’ve felt a nourishing relationship with your own brilliant body?

Many of us are so caught up in strategizing, planning, prepping, and anticipating what’s coming next that we aren’t present for the lives that we’ve already created. We are always looking for the next best thing, so we don’t take the time to enjoy where we are at. We often neglect our health, our relationships, and our happiness in order to chase big dreams, career goals, and, well, life.

I’m not here to help you do more. I’m here to help you shift your perspective so that you can show up to what you’ve already created. I’m here to help you slow down, find balance, and experience deep satisfaction within the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

I’m here to help you find more ease.

Amanda has such a unique and special gift. Our lives are full of chaos and Amanda helps bring clarity to how you experience stress, your responses to it and the effects it has within your head, heart and body. Through her many amazing offerings, she will help you enjoy life in an elevated and profound way.
— Britanee, Personal Brand Coach & Business Strategist



This 6 month program is truly a deep dive into the Science & Magic curriculum - each topic is explored for a full month, and customized to be relevant to you and your unique brain, body, and life. Drawing from research in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics, you will learn how to rewire habitual thought patterns that keep you stuck in self-destructive beliefs, thoughts, and routines in order to cultivate wellbeing, peace, and ease as regular states of being.

You will be held accountable and challenged to prioritize self-care, reflect on and change subconscious patterning, and consciously shift your mindset in a positive direction. You’ll leave this 6-month deep dive with the tools needed to feel more ease and alignment in your body and in your daily life.

Amanda creates an environment that feels both grounded and stimulating, and as a result of the experience I feel like I’ve gained tools to understand myself better, and move through life with a renewed sense of confidence, ease, curiosity
— Juliette, Artist & Community Organizer



  • 6 month Science & Magic Virtual Membership

  • Weekly 60 min 1:1 sessions (virtual or in person) with Amanda for 6 months

  • 1 monthly private yoga class with Amanda for 6 months

  • 24 hour access to Amanda via phone & email

Please note, space is extremely limited for this program. If interested, fill out an application. Once the application is received, Amanda will be in touch about scheduling an interview.

01 David Holt.jpg
Amanda is the teacher that I didn’t even realize how much I needed. I went through the science and magic curriculum with Amanda and I feel more present in every moment of my life as a result. I feel inspired, more conscious of my thoughts and fully in charge of the direction of my life!
— David, Attorney