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Work with me to learn more about yoga postures and discover more balance within your nervous system. Sessions are tailored to you and your unique needs.

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Science & Magic: Sound Bath + Yin Yoga Class

Amanda teams up with Energy Medicine Practitioner Angie Pietz Meillier every month for a special class offered through the Science & Magic Membership program. Utilizing the healing properties of sound therapy, energy medicine practices, meditation, and yin yoga, each class offers immense benefits for both the nervous system and the energetic body.



Yoga, Live Music, Plants

I work with an herbalist and musician to produce a seasonal series called Metacine, hosted at various spaces around the Twin Cities. 

We intentionally design hour long classes to maximize the healing benefits of yoga, plants, and music.  Our structure is based off of the patterning of the four seasons, and each season has a particular theme to it.

Join our Metacine facebook group to stay updated about our upcoming series or contact me here if you would like to host a class at your studio!


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