This album of meditations and music is intended to guide you through an invigorating exploration of your own nervous system.


NeuroSound is a collaboration between yoga teacher + brain geek, Amanda Leaveck, and cellist + audio engineer, Daniel Zamzow. Using guided imagery, expansive sound vibration, & courageous presence, this album plays with the edges of consciousness. A whole galaxy exists within every brain, and this unique combination of sound & meditation is designed to help you explore your own nervous system


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1. Nervous System Massage

Mood: Calming, Balance, Grounding
Feels Like: Sinking into a warm bath

2. Endocrine System Toning

Mood: Colorful, Energizing, Creative
Feels Like: Painting with water colors

3. Heart Coherence

Mood: Cozy, Accepting, Loving
Feels Like: A really, really good hug

4. Pineal Gland Activation

Mood: Bright, Etheric, Interconnected
Feels Like: Sunlight on fresh snow

5. Conscious Creation in the Quantum Field 

Mood: Expansive, Infinite, Alive
Feels Like: Hang gliding during golden hour

This album is something essential and other-worldly.  Each meditation offers powerful medicine.  I felt I was being granted permission to experience my potential - quantum, physical, spiritual, and otherwise.  It truly revived the magic within me.
— Alexandria B., Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Writer


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I used this album every morning for two weeks, and found my balance improving and my breath deepening. I usually I don’t enjoy guided meditations, but Amanda’s grounding, clear voice with the cello in the background was amazing.
— Brandon M.


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