September 2019:


Mabon: A Ritual Blessing of Balance

As we enter the season in which the sun and the moon share equally their dominion over the sky, so are we invited to bring the light and shadow aspects of ourselves into a more meaningful equilibrium.

 Join us on 9/23 to celebrate Mabon (also known as Alban Elfed or Meán Fómhair), the Celtic/pagan “Second Harvest” Sabbat with correspondence to the Autumnal Equinox. This “turning of the wheel” is part of the monthly Goldenhour series hosted by Erin Anderson of The Goldrunner.

In our community ceremony (filmed live and posted on the portal within 24 hours), we’ll mark Hāligmōnatþ, the Celtic month of gratitude, reflecting upon our many blessings. We’ll also make a compassionate, courageous inquiry of our “shadow” selves, honoring our multidimensionality as the universe’s ultimate expression of creativity. 

Tickets* $33, or $17 for Science & Magic subscribers

  • All in-person live event participants on 9/23 will receive a Goldenhour Sacred Tools Kit with the purchase of their ticket.

  • Science + Magic subscribers joining online have the option to purchase their kit from the shop or acquire the items on your own. I’ve included a shopping list on the Goldenhour Sacred Tools Kit page for DIYers!

  • Please BYO journal and yoga mat or meditation cushion.

Meet THE SCIENCE & MAGIC Ritual Master

ERIN ANDERSON: Mindful Witch, Ritual Master, Energy Alchemist

Erin Anderson is a healer, metaphysician and Celtic Shaman Initiate in the Hermetic Lineage of King Salomon. She views well-being as a natural expression of emotional and spiritual resilience. For this reason, she anchors her work in modalities that guide someone into direct, repeatable experiences of their innate worth and infinite potential. 

Through mindfulness coaching, energetic re-coding protocols, ritual practice and the art of intuitive perception, Erin collaborates with her clients to cultivate their resilience. She loves seeing the shift as an individual learns how to command their natural energy reserves, challenge old patterns and paradigms--and ultimately find greater freedom in their lives.