Dream Reading:

September 2019:


I’m very excited to share this months Dream Oracle Forecast with you. This month, Spirit shared with me four teachings and insights. While you’re watching this video and listening to what The Universe is sharing with you here, please allow yourself to be as open as possible to the different energetic downloads that are being offered to you. Yes, this is a video, and it’s also so much more. The energy that’s flowing and available to you can be life-shifting if you’re open to it - so please keep this in mind while you watch it. Spirit also provided me with actions and tools that you can use to integrate and deepen these teachings more fully into your life. I share all of this in this video. If you do have any questions, comments or want to share with me how these insights have supported you, please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @DreamOracleHolly I would love to hear from you and connect! xo.H

Action Steps:

  • Visualization/meditation/breath work as shared in video.

  • Creating a Talisman to remind you to connect with your Spirit Guides, The Universe, God, etc., (whichever word resonates best for you).

  • Reflection questions:

    • How can I support this person(s) better?

    • How can I help them reach their goals?

    • What can I do to uplift or make someone else's life better?

Meet YOUR SCIENCE & MAGIC Dream Oracle:

HOLLY EMERSON: Dream Oracle (Spiritual Medium for the Dream World)

Holly Emmerson has a unique ability to channel messages from Spirit and The Universe while lucid dreaming in the Dream World. Currently, she is the only one on Earth that works with the Dream World and connecting to Spirit in this way. In ancient times, Dream Oracles were much more common, nowadays, this has become a forgotten art. Part of her mission is to be a catalyst in awakening other Dream Oracles to their gifts as well.

Through her own personal spiritual and healing journey, it inspired her to help others heal, grow and connect to their true hearts desires in their own lives. In 2016, she left her corporate job in Vancouver, Canada, moved to the island of Mallorca, Spain to build the business she’s created today.

It’s now through her one -on-one work with private clients, where she helps individuals overcome obstacles, gain clarity in their life and connect with their hearts, using these channeled messages from Spirit. She is a believer that “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”. So when there is a desired shift in your external world, we must first shift and heal your inner world. The messages received from Spirit are all rooted in helping you know what you need to DO (what action is required) in order to HEAL, SHIFT and ALIGHT your life to AWAKEN and create the life of your desires.