60 Day (in-person) Courses

to evoke more ease, intuition, and alignment


Drawing from research in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics, participants learn how to rewire habitual thought patterns that keep them stuck in self-destructive beliefs, thoughts, and routines in order to cultivate wellbeing, peace, and ease as regular states of being.

The curriculum educates and empowers participants by offering the science behind how our perspective influences our reality, as well as provides take home tools that build connection between the mind, the body, and life.

The active learning environment combines classroom style presentations/discussions with experiential exercises to create an integrative learning experience for everyone. This course is offered in a group style format, because our individual evolution is in deep relationship with the wellbeing of the broader community, and humanity as a whole. 

Join a cohort of colleagues and cast a spell on your life in such a way that growth occurs organically. When you learn how to harness the power of your mind, what looks like magic to other people will be the life that you live. 

Magical Mind

“Amanda provided rich scientific background on the mind/body connection, along with practical applications for how to build a toolkit for managing day-to-day stressors and increasing coherence. Along with the discussion portion, the yoga/meditative practice and private culinary experience were a great way to enrich the course content. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to add more intentionality to their life or anyone who loves digging into the science of how our minds work!”

~Senta, Mechanical Engineer


“This course gave me a beautiful opportunity to connect with community in an intentional way. I had fun learning Amanda's researched content as it's paired purposely with her yoga offerings. I am grateful to now know more about the neurological realities that play such a powerful role in all of our lives, and feel a further sense of patience and compassion towards myself and others.”

~ Meg, Yoga Nidra Specialist


“The community built within our cohort was so valuable. The knowledge shared is invaluable and should be cherished. I feel like I can walk through life with a new found ease. Amanda provide the space, knowledge and safety to allow this to happen”

~Tazz, Professional Dancer


“The concepts that are touched on in this course are perspective shifting and the practices that you experience can be life changing. Having a supportive group of people there to share this experience with made it all the more comfortable and positively energetic. I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to level up their consciousness and life!”

~Nate, Youth Instructor