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Science & Magic: Conscious Creation (Sound Bath + Yin Yoga)

Tuesday, September 17th 2019 at 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM

Join Amanda Leaveck & Energy Medicine Practitioner, Angie Meillier, for a special class offered through the 'Science & Magic' subscription.

As human beings, we are constantly contributing to our moment-to-moment experience through the power of our thoughts. It’s not a matter of IF we are creating, it is a matter of WHAT we are creating. This class will be an opportunity to set intentions, sit with those intentions, and work them into our subconscious through powerful sound healing and restorative yin yoga postures. Bring a journal and pen if you remember!


$11 drop-in for virtual subscribers
$22 drop-in for non-subscribers


If you sign up for a Science & Magic Virtual Membership, you get to take your first in-person class for FREE!!! The membership include a 14 day trial period, and you can cancel at anytime. Click here if you would prefer that option.


Metacine: Roots (yoga, plants, live music)

Sunday, October 6th 2019 at 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM

Anyone else feel autumn in the air?! As the fall winds stir up change, it is ever more important to be conscious of grounding ourselves. We, as the Metacine crew, intentionally design classes that maximize the healing benefits of yoga, plants, and music as they relate to the current season. Throughout the next year we will be hosting four total pop up classes at Northern Yoga Center. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!! Soak up the season change with soul nourishing music, delicious yoga, and hot tea.


Following a short presentation from Sharri about the featured plant, Amanda will guide everyone in a yoga class that is designed to maximize the benefits of the tea/tincture. Lauren's sweet music provides a whimsical sound scape that will leave everyone in a state of complete bliss.


Solomon Seal


If it's your first time at the studio, leave 10 minutes early to navigate parking and getting into the studio. Street parking is available, but you can also use Jackson Street Parking Ramp:

This class will honor the Buddhist practice of Dana (giving), so you may give whatever monetary amount feels like a joyful exchange (cash only please).


The Metacine dream is to amplify the natural intelligence that exists within our bodies and nature through a combination of yoga, plant medicine, and sound. As we tap into the wisdom of the earth with conscious presence and self care practices, we show up more authentically in ourselves, relationships, and community.Through somatic learning experiences inspired by the seasons, we deepen the connection between nature and our bodies. Through the flowering of our hearts, we embody the full expression of our inner being.


Science & Magic: Mabon (A Ritual Blessing of Balance)

Monday, September 23rd, 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Tickets* $33, or $17 for Science & Magic subscribers

As we enter the season in which the sun and the moon share equally their dominion over the sky, so are we invited to bring the light and shadow aspects of ourselves into a more meaningful equilibrium.

Join Science & Magic Contributor The Goldrunner on 9/23 to celebrate Mabon (also known as Alban Elfed or Meán Fómhair), the Celtic/pagan “Second Harvest” Sabbat with correspondence to the Autumnal Equinox. This “turning of the wheel” is part of the monthly Goldenhour series hosted by Erin Anderson of The Goldrunner.

In our community ceremony (filmed live and posted on the Science & Magic portal within 24 hours), we’ll mark Hāligmōnatþ, the Celtic month of gratitude, reflecting upon our many blessings. We’ll also make a compassionate, courageous inquiry of our “shadow” selves, honoring our multidimensionality as the universe’s ultimate expression of creativity.