As human beings, we are all creators. It’s in our nature. It feels both good and natural to be creative. We are constantly contributing to our moment-to-moment experience through the power of our thoughts.

It’s not a matter of if we are creating, it’s a matter of what we are creating. Utilizing research from neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and quantum mechanics, this course will provide an opportunity to set intentions, reflect on those intentions, and work them into your subconscious programming.

When we think of creativity, we often imagine an exclusive group, a select few people who were born with natural talent.  We often think about images like a painter in front of an easel, a dancer eloquently moving their body on a stage, or even a poet at a typewriter, comprising new pieces of work for their upcoming book.  Artists are human beings who have tapped into a creative energy flow.  This creative energy is available to all of us and it expresses itself in different ways – not always just art.  It’s how entrepreneurs form businesses from nothing and how inventors ideate new ways of interacting with the world.  Creative energy is what urges to evolve within our career path and it’s what shifts our perspective so that we can approach and resolve obstacle and conflict within our lives.  Innovation, new ways of thinking, is in our blood as human beings. Life itself is constantly evolving.  Nature is creative, always growing, shifting, changing.  We are a part of nature so we, too, hold that momentum, that creative life energy within us. 

Creativity isn’t a skill set to be attained, it is a state of being that can be practiced. When we learn techniques to calm our bodies down, we can move out of a physiological state of survival and step into the energy of creativity.  We can foster our own inner genius.  Access our individual unique creator. 


Week 1: LEARN (Lesson + Review) - I suggest completing the review immediately after the lesson, as this will help seal the information into your neural pathways. Set aside a 1-2 hour chunk of time to focus on this content.

Week 2: REFLECT - take it one section at a time in the Conscious Creation Reflection Guide, maybe splitting it into 4 different days. I like to do my reflections in the mornings, so you could take a question or two each morning. Bite sized consistency is key!

Week 3: APPLY & REVIEW - Start your week by completing the Conscious Creation Activity. If you don’t yet know what you are trying to create, wait to fill it out. Information will come to you throughout your yoga practice. Set aside 3-5x you can practice the yoga class. Write these chunks of time into your schedule and make sure that you show up to your mat! Have a journal next to you to record anything that pops into your mind. This is your sacred time with your body. Complete the Conscious Creation Activity by the end of the week. It would also be a good time to review content from Week 1 by re-watching the Lesson and reading through your notes in the Review Guide. Remember, we learn through repetition!

Week 4: APPLY - Using the symbol you created from the Conscious Creation Activity, do the Conscious Creation meditation 1x a day for an entire week, either before bed or upon waking. If you really want to see change, commit to the meditation for a full month. It takes time to change our neural pathways!!


Use the review guide and suggested reading to help support you in your learning process:


THOUGHTS: Sometimes, we know exactly what we want. Other times, our desires can feel distant and foggy. It can be easier to identify what we don’t want than it is to discover what we do want. That’s okay! Knowing what we don’t want can actually help clarify and guide us more effectively to the things that we want in our lives. If you are having a hard time discerning what you want, skip ahead to the yoga class. When we are able to slow down and get out of our ‘thinking’ mind, action steps that will lead us to our true heart’s desires want will pop into our minds without us having to search for them. I call these ‘downloads.’ While you are flowing through class, feel free to have a pen and paper out to capture these ‘downloads.’ It may take doing the class several times, but I promise you’ll feel them eventually. As you start to get into the energetic flow of creativity, you can come back to the Conscious Creation Activity.

EMOTIONS: Often times, we want to change our external conditions because we think we’ll feel better in doing so. For example, we may want more money because, on a subconscious level, money means more freedom. Or we may be seeking a relationship because when we are in one, we’ll feel loved and worthy. Creativity works best when we can step into the energetic resonance of the emotion we are seeking first, then let our desires flow to us.

Use the following activity to create clarity around what you want and why.

It’s important to know that our creations start in our thoughts. This is one of the reasons that mindfulness is such an important practice - when we learn to witness the thoughts we are thinking, we can start to build consciousness around the very start of our creations. Our creations come from a combination of thinking and feeling. Emotions are literally chemical reactions and energy frequencies with around our bodies. Cultivating awareness around how we are feeling can inform us about about what energetic frequency we are creating from.

Lastly, on a bigger picture level - we often think we want something based off desires that are ego-centered. Part of conscious creation is paying attention to the big picture. We do this through surrender. If we trust that our body contains that same intelligence that exists within nature and throughout the whole universe, we can let creation flow through us, to us. This is the sort of creation that is connected to a higher power, one that brings life not just to us, but to all living beings.



Use the imagery from the symbol you created in the Conscious Creation activity in this meditation. I suggest doing this meditation once a day, either before bed or first thing in the morning for a month.


Creativity isn’t something that we strive for, it’s something that flows through us. To us. From within us. To feel creative, we have to be in a certain state of being. Think about it. When do you feel the most creative? Is it when you are stressed out? Rushed? Trying really hard? No. Most of us feel the most creative when we aren’t trying at all. Often, the best ideas come to us while we are a taking a shower, driving on the open road listening to our favorite music, lost in a daydream, exercising, having fun, hanging out with friends. The most genius ideas are often birthed when we aren’t searching for them.

Use this yoga sequence to help you get into a creative flow. Again, more you practice it, the more familiar you’ll become with it. The more you’ll be able to lose yourself in the flow. While moving through the sequence, practice expanding into the quantum field around you. Notice the space within and around your body. Practice feeling the emotions that you desire from your creations. Let this class raise your energy vibrations so that you can attract the experiences you desire.

If you would like music with this yoga class, start the following playlist at the same time the class starts in the video. Adjust volume as needed!

Congratulations on completing the Science & Magic Conscious Creation course! Feel free to share your #brilliantbrainstory on the Science & Magic facebook page. We would love to hear how this work has helped you find more ease in your body, work, and life.