transformational superfood


Sun Potions founder, Scott Linde, has developed a company that supports transformation through the addition of ethically sourced superfoods and tonic herbs to your daily diet.  I started using these products in September, and adore the magic they've added to my day.  

All of the packaging has the following phrase printed on it:

"THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE.  This is an amazing Time on the planet.  Participate in the Shift."


"We want you to feel amazing."

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I love it when companies print text like “made with love” or “infused with kindness” on their products, because I truly believe in the energetic properties of what we consume.  

They use cobalt blue glass jars, which in and of itself has countless healing properties.   When water is carried in blue containers, it is said that the deep blue color brings water back to Zero Point, where it is healed of any chaotic energy frequencies that the water has accumulated. 

Clearing the energy allows the water to hold the frequency of the intentions that you choose – in this case, the Sun Potion products hold the intention of  radiance, well being, and happiness.  If the energetic stuff doesn’t resonate with you, the cobalt blue glass jars are pretty AND can be re-used as containers. 

Three of my favorites:

Anamide:   a blend of raw heirloom cacao and tonic herbs, this blend is named after the neurotransmitter, ‘ananadmine,’ which is known for inducing the experience of bliss when consumed.  It has the bitter taste of raw cacao, with a touch of sweetness.  I add a tablespoon to hot nut milk and usually drink it as mid-afternoon hot chocolate.  It may be the placebo affect, but this product definitely lifts my mood. 

anamide 3.jpg

Pearl: this is literally ground up pearl that you can either consume or use as a topical for your skin.  Pearl power does wonders for your skin – it regenerates collagen, repairs sun damage, minimizes large pores, heals acne, and so much more.  How I use this: I add ¼ teaspoon to a hot beverage OR make a face mask.  The face mask is a mix of rosewater  and pearl powder.  My skin feels so smooth and soft afterwards!!

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Yin Powder:  THIS ONE is amazing.  It’s in collaboration with the company for ‘women with superpowers,’ which celebrates women as artists, activists, and healers.  The mission statement of this product: “this is a collaboration which we hope will nourish and empower the feminine in all its forms. “  Herbal mix: Reishi, He Shou Wu, Pearl, Tocos, Ashwagandha, Pine Pollen, and Astragulus.  It has a piney taste, and is best when added to hot teas (1 teaspoon per cup).  When I drink it, I feel my inner superwoman being nourished. 

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Sun Potion goes above and beyond with their products.  Not only are they ethically sourced, certified organic, and wild harvested, but they intentionally create products with energetic properties in mind.  They infuse beautiful intentions into their superfoods and herbal tonics which makes me, as a consumer, feel loved every time I use them.  

Do you have a favorite Sun Potion product you use?  Let me know what it is and why you love it!!