I grew up thinking that my soul existed inside of my physical body, that it was encased within the walls of my skin.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve began to surrender to the idea that my physical body actually lies inside of my soul.  

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My soul lives somewhere beyond my skin, and is a part of the energy field that connects us all.  My physical body, with all of it’s miraculous biology, is actually happening inside of the full me.

Otherwise known as the human energy field, my aura is what gives me light.  We all have an aura, and being able to detect the different colors and frequencies within our unique energetic bodies will help us determine the quality of our mental & physical health.  

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As I relate to the bubble of energy that encases my body, I realize that the matter that makes up my body is mostly space.  When I connect to the spaciousness within my physical body, I see that it is simply a stream of energy that extends beyond my skin.

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This energy field is how I send prayers, good thoughts, and sweet vibes.  It’s how ‘I’m there in spirit’ if I can’t attend an event and it’s how I experience my intuition.  My soul connects me to others, feeds my physical body, and allows me access to heaven.

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Photo series by Jillian Blanc