banana milk


I just discovered the most refreshing summer drink and had to share it.  I bring to you… banana nut milk! Remember that homemade cashew milk recipe I shared earlier this week?  You can take it to the next level and make yourself the most tasty treat.

It’s like a banana shake meets a frothy superfood potion and makes a delectable dessert.



1 banana

16 oz of nut milk (click here for homemade cashew milk)

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon of honey

a dash of cinnamon

*bonus: you can also add the following superfoods to make the beverage extra magical.  Neither of the ingredients below will change the taste of the milk, although the He Shou Wu will alter the color a bit.    

1 tablespoon Collagen powder (improves skin health, relieves joint pain, could prevent bone loss)

1 teaspoon of He Shou Wu (nourishes blood, tonifies liver & kidney, fortifies muscles/tendons/bones)

cinnamon banana milk.jpg


  1. Add banana, nut milk, vanilla extract, and honey (& superfood options) to blender.  Blend until smooth and frothy

  2. Pour into your favorite glass, sprinkle cinnamon on top and add a few ice cubes (especially if it’s summer).

Remember, as usual you can play around with the ingredients and see what works for you! Add or subtract honey/vanilla to make it more sweet or less sweet.  You can also use cacao to create a chocolatey banana milk. Please send me your favorite variations so I can try them too!