a salty elixir


We’ve always heard that salt is bad for us.  I've recently learned that not all salt is unhealthy, it’s table salt that's the bad guy.  Table salt is chemically produced and bleached, which means that all of it's nutrients are extracted.  Hazardous molecules and various toxic substances are typically added as well which makes table salt potentially risky to human health .

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High quality, natural salt (ie. celtic sea salt, himalayan pink salt, etc.) is actually incredibly nourishing for our bodies. It can improve digestion, balance the body's pH, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle cramps, enhance immune function, promote bone strength, and much more.  Salt is a great source of trace minerals, which are low amounts of minerals that the body needs to perform it’s regulatory functions.  Examples of trace minerals include iron, zinc, fluoride, iodine, copper, selenium, molybdenum, chromium, and manganese.

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Another fun fact: salt actually hydrates you!  How?  Salt (real salt), is an electrolyte.  It dissolves into ions that are electrically conductive and help deliver messages throughout the body that support hydration of our cells. 


To make sure I get my daily dose of trace minerals, I start my morning off with a beverage called Sole.  Sole, a delicious salty concoction, comes from the Latin word, ‘Sol,’ which means sun.  It’s water that has absorbed all the salt it is capable of to the point where it can’t absorb any more.  Sole helps balance blood sugar, reduces muscle cramps, improves hydration, and detoxes your body.  Plus, I think it looks aesthetically pleasing sitting on my counter.

How I make sole:

Step 1: Purchase 1-2 big chunks of Himalayan pink salt rocks from your local apothecary/co-op/health store (the chunks are small enough to fit through the jar of a standard 16 oz mason jar).  Fill the mason jar to the top with reverse osmosis/filtered water, cover it with a plastic lid and let it sit over night.  The salt will dissolve into the water until it can’t anymore, and there will still be remnants of the salt rocks in the mason jar.  Voila: you have sole! 

Step 2: Scoop one teaspoon of sole into a full glass of water in the morning ( I drink it before coffee).  You could also add lemon as well.

The sole mixture is good for as long as there are still salt chunks present in the liquid.  If all of the salt dissolves, simply add more salt. You can continue to add salt and water indefinitely to keep your salty elixir alive!  Salt has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

*Please note: it is important to use a plastic (or wooden) lid.  I’m not normally a fan of plastic, but when salt is mixed with water, it can oxidize metals.  Think of rust on your car.  If this starts to happen, chemicals and other metals can leech into the water as the metal lid starts to corrode.