a new work paradigm


I used to be a hard worker.  I’m not anymore.  I used to be on my ‘work grind’ 24/7, flying from one thing to the next.  I would skip from meeting to coffee date to work shift, without a lot of time to eat (or breath!) in between everything.  I would finish emails before bed and write social media posts first thing in the morning over coffee.  My sleep was restless and my mind was always dreaming up the next best thing to do.  

A lot of you know this version of me – the Amanda who constantly ‘hustled’ to get a lot of stuff done.  I was often referred to as a ‘workaholic,’ and I was proud of that.

In Home-50.jpg

I've changed a lot.

I now prioritize my health, happiness, and alignment before anything else.  I’ve changed my perspective about what success is, and I now work in a way that is softer and smarter.  The actions that I do take towards my career are life giving and fun, rather then draining and anxiety provoking.  I hold tight boundaries with my schedule, and say no way more than I say yes.  I’m unapologetic about vocalizing my needs, because now I'm proud of how I am able show up in the spaces, activities, and communities that I actually say yes to.

I rest.  I relax.  I sleep in late on occasion and have a lot of free time with my partner.  The juiciest thing about all of this: I’m learning the art of just being.

I’m healthier, happier, and more in my body than I’ve ever been.

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Obviously, if ‘hustling’ brings you joy, then I urge you to continue what you are doing.  There is no one right path for everyone, and some of us experience deep alignment with a huge workload.  However, if your work ethic creates anxiety, stress, and overwhelm more often than not, I encourage you to listen to your body.  Is it worth it?  We grow up in a society where ‘hard work’ is revered, even at the expense of our health and happiness.  Certainly, there are times that we do what we need to do in order to pay the bills and put food on the table, but I believe that in those moments we can change our perspective about how we are working in order to create more abundance, ease, and wellbeing.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in the past decade through hard work and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything.   I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I’ve always been good at what I do.   However, something had to change.  The way I was working was draining me – energetically, physically, emotionally and even financially.  Despite the temporary highs I would feel on occasion, I was experiencing stress and anxiety way more often than joy and ease.   I was always planning and prepping for the next thing, rather than ever arriving anywhere fully. 

Since I’ve shifted my perspective on ‘success’, set boundaries, and actively created a schedule that has space for ease, my lifestyle feels soul quenching and fulfilling. It feels delicious.