The wealth of knowledge, creativity, and intuition that lies in the cells of our physical body is hard to fathom.  Each of us is made up of 50-70 trillion cells. We lose and create 25 million cells/second without even thinking about it. Our individual heart beats over 2 gallons of blood per minute and moves through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. 

I call this our internal guidance system.  What would happen if we were able to connect to that on a regular basis?

That's where I come in.


This 60 Day program offers educational insight about how our thoughts, perspectives, and emotions influence our general wellbeing, productivity, and creative process. While the Science & Magic curriculum is heavily rooted in neuroscience, it is also inspired by research in the fields of epigenetics, cell biology, and quantum mechanics.

Where does magic come in? Magic is defined as ‘the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.’ While it’s important to understand science, I believe it’s even more important to maintain a sense of reverence for what we don’t know. Even though I’m a neuroscience geek, I deeply honor the inherent mystery, intelligence, and magic that lies within our brilliant nervous system.

Main areas of focus:






Through meditation, visualization, yoga, breath work, and science-based education, participants learn how to successfully shift their mindset to experience more ease in every day life.

Those who take this course ultimately learn how to connect to their own unique internal guidance system, so they can move through life more in alignment with who they are.  

My work is mostly offered in a group style format, because I believe that our individual evolution is in deep relationship with the wellbeing of the broader community, and humanity as a whole.  We have a lot to learn from each other.

My ultimate vision is for each of us to feel empowered, inspired, capable, and courageous within our bodies and our daily lives. 


When is the last time you experienced a delicious moment? Had a scrumptious conversation? Felt a satiating connection with your own body? Our gorgeous human bodies have so much to offer us!

Utilizing the vibrant nature of our five senses, I’ve created a wide variety of private parties to elevate our connection with ourselves, each other, and our brilliant mama earth. YUM.





My love for the human body began during my college career where I graduated with a B.S. in neuroscience and a minor in dance. 

Since then, I have become an impassioned advocate for nurturing  presence, radiance, and vitality in every day life.  I adore new places, abundant relationships, life giving food, holistic health care, beautiful words, and the mystery of the human body.

I'm also a brain geek.  In addition to my college background in neuroscience, I graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2017, where I focused on the integral relationship between connective tissue and the nervous system. 

Through formal education, independent studies, hands-on work with clients, and over a decade of teaching yoga and dance, I have a deep understanding of the profound effects that our thoughts and emotions have on our chemistry and our lives.  I have experienced the detrimental effects of living in a state of chronic stress in my own life, and am passionate about guiding people towards discovering their own unique paths towards homeostasis, or balance.