Hey there, I’m Amanda Leaveck. 

I create community through group cohorts that are focused on mindset and wellbeing.  

My science-based approach to mindfulness is ignited by intuition, love, and a deep reverence for the unknown.  Through workshops, retreats, yoga, group coaching, and blogging, I offer space and education for people to access their internal guidance system. 

Once uncovered,  the unique intelligence that lies within each of us can naturally cultivate peace, radiance, and vitality in our bodies and in our every day lives. 


Amanda is one of the most comforting souls you will come across. I would highly recommend working with her! I can’t wait for my next session.
— Jess B., wardrobe specialist
At every stage of our work together, Amanda allowed me to be active participant. She always remained strongly compassionate, responsive, and curious.
— Sara, architectural designer

Are your ready to cast a spell on your life?